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The Backstory of konakafe

to have with your morning coffee

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
Anaïs Nin

I'm a blogger. Isn't it so weird that it's real deal thing to be a blogger these days, and to introduce yourself by your blog name? Actually it's become a thing in the last decade (don't you call your insta-friends by their handles?). I've owned konakafe for a long time on digital paper, but haven't done scraps with it.

So this blog is meant to share my stories and my thoughts in hopes that it'll relate to yours. I feel like I'm waaaaay behind — I remember reading Oh My Goff and Vicky Nguyen and Suzanne Marques, people in my former industry I admired but then actually got to know IRL after I got to uncovering more about their sweet, funny off-tv hours personalities. I was really drawn to their openness, their realness inside their lives. I think everyone has something extraordinary. 

This isn't quite a fashion blog like my friends Tammy or Christine or a travel insider like my gal Megan or Kiersten (I'm sure you've come across theirs if you're into lifestyle). I'm sure it'll encompass a little bit of everything that comes up in my stream of consciousness. This is insight-driven from my experience and life as a modern yogi based in New York City who has made rounds around the world — the good, the bad, the beauty in between. It's not like the service pieces I've written over the years although I'm sure there will be some tips dabbled here and there. It's me getting back to what I love most: getting personal and staying connected, documenting it all.


Truths be told, I don't even consider myself naturally skilled at writing nor yoga. But my passion has turned these into forever evolving crafts into semi-profession for almost a decade. The internets should serve as a platform to feel, explore and think (remember the days of livejournal? xanga?). It should help us remember we have varied human experiences and that we are all struggling, laughing and journeying through it all. I'm writing for me, and not another brand, and for you, instead of another publisher. Even if I'm late to the blogging game, I believe I've arrived exactly as I'm supposed to as I am, how I am

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Because you see, life is not a race. I hope you get to enjoy a little slice of me with your morning cup of coffee, one of my favorite things (but more on that later). xo